Slaatto S1 Silhouette

In addition to the Orb, we also created a complementing silhouette that can be used with the Orb. The Slaatto S1 accentuates the effects of directional lighting and enhances the Shade experience.

Its petals rotate around the central axis ensuring true control of the light.


This setting focuses on the usage of the Orb’s upper zone and strengthens the outcome of the light pointing towards the ceiling in order to create dramatic atmospheres.


This adjustment is perfect if you use the middle zone and want to concentrate on that. It also leaves enough room for the upper and middle zone to display light.


This option is great for concentrating on light from the lower zones, since it opens up the outcome of the light and shows a great shadow effect through the S1.

Designed by Slaatto

Shade teamed up with the designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto, who worked with many Danish high-end brands and ensures that our products are not just technologically advanced, but also beautifully designed.

The ‘Orb’ and the 'Slaatto S1' are the first part of our collaboration  with him and will be followed by several timeless and iconic silhouette designs.

Having him on board introduces a Nordic design heritage from the start, which becomes invaluable in a global market place.