Better Light. Better Living.

SHADE has created the Orb as a next generation smart light, that enables you to create different moods, bringing a completely new feeling to our homes.


The usage of different light zones makes our Orb a "one of a kind" solution to accentuate environments with professional lighting features. It is like hiring an interior light designer by just buying a single lamp.

Perfect Light for Every Situation


SHADE products are created through a unique Danish Design approach and the idea of using 3 different light zones that enable the product to create professional lighting moods within one lamp.



Using several zones Having a lamp that uses multiple controllable zones is a basic requirement for the creation of atmospheres and the mimicking of professional light.


You are able to control and edit all of the aspects of the Orb individually through the usage of the SHADE App, which provides a tremendous amount of flexibility in creating different light settings. 

The Orb will come with pre-defined moods that support our mission of enhancing your home and influencing the atmospheres in your environments through the usage of lights. Every mood is editable to your preferences to give you the most freedom in creating your own atmospheres. Get an idea of some of these moods here:


Smart Features

Besides the ability to create various moods, the Orb is equipped with feature settings, that adapt to your lifestyle and create the right feeling for every daily situation. 


Wake up

The Orb turns on with some energetic blue light, which increases slowly to support your wake up process and give you a great start into the day. 

Night SHift

If Night Shift is turned on, the Orb changes its light settings to replace blue and cold light with warm and cozy settings in the afternoon and at night, which has a pleasant effect and puts you in a relaxing mood. 

Vacation / away

This feature includes a recording of all behaviors in the Orb for a specific time, which will be saved in the system so you can replay it on repeat when you are not a home (vacation, business trip, school holiday).