Introducing the Shade Eclipse

From the start we have planned to include a control unit in the box with the Orb. We want users to have a positive unboxing experience, and find it crucial that users are up and running in no time.

Additionally, it doesn't make sense to use your phone every time you want to control your lights, so we wanted something more versatile than the standard on/off switches you find in every home.

The design needed to be simple, intuitive, and functional, sticking to our Nordic design culture.

With all this in mind we introduce the Eclipse, the first control system for the Orb. It's elegant, easy to use, and will add another layer to the Shade experience.

Because of the advances in Bluetooth over the past couple of years, we're now experiencing longer battery life, opening new opportunities for the technology.

Furthermore, instead of the path-dependent mindset of having switches wired and permanently installed to specific locations, we're seeing a development into something more versatile, that combines the flexibility of the remote control and the functionality of the fixed placement switch.

You can use it mounted on a wall, or clip it off the wall to use it as a bedside or table-side remote control. It fits your needs.

You receive an Eclipse with each Orb, and the remote is paired with its Orb out of the box. However, if you have multiple Orbs, you can easily create zones/rooms where several Orbs are controlled by the same remote, allowing you to have e.g. one Eclipse by the entrance to the room, and one by the sofa. 

A solar eclipse creates a stunning disc that blocks out the light, except for a narrow ring around the moon.

A solar eclipse creates a stunning disc that blocks out the light, except for a narrow ring around the moon.

Operating the Eclipse is simple and even kids will be able to use it. A quick twist cycles through the pre-defined or customized moods, and the beauty of using rotation as the operator, is that you can fit in as many moods as you wish. Sometimes 3 moods is enough, sometimes you want 10.

A press on the front of the Eclipse turns the Orbs on or off. An elegant and tactile solution.

Customizing moods and settings is done through the smart phone, but for everyday use, the Eclipse fullfils all your needs. You use the Eclipse for what its meant to do. No more, no less.

Our plan is to manufacture the Shade Eclipse using a high-quality polymer, and the Bluetooth LE technology that is used to communicate, means that you can have the switch operative for years without changing batteries... and yes - the batteries WILL be easily exchangeable.

We hope you're as excited about the Eclipse as we are.