Developing the Orb

As you all know, we are currently working hard on the development of the Orb. Around 10 dedicated people are involved with hardware, design, electronics, software, supply chain and documentation. 

We are running right on track, even though we have some pretty tight deadlines to follow (#adrenalinerush). However, we sat down to share with you guys some of the highlights from our everyday work!

Wireless and Radios

We want the connectivity of all our devices to be really good and stable as devices should never lose their connection during regular use. Most of these issues from this are either in the software or in the PCB layout and mechanical design, however, it all starts with a good antenna. Making a good antenna in a small design means investigating if other components will interfere with the antenna. This can be easily tested by seeing if they resonate at around 2.4GHz.

Long story short: we nuke components in our microwave to test them ;) The results so far are very promising, yay!

Booting the real deal

We have tested different solutions for our Shade Eclipse wall switch. Our demands are quite high and primarily we focus on creating a long battery life as well as a quality feel. We have now ended up with a solution we really like: the first measurements look great and were the cause of a minor celebration at Shade! Note the pretty signals and the consistent pattern when turning the knob - it’s beautiful!

EMC testing

What else have we been up to? We have also tested a lot on the solution to make sure there will be no negative surprises down the line for you guys :) We can never be 100% certain until final certification, however, all tests look promising: we emit negligible EMC both into the surroundings and back to the power grid. 

All in all, we are right on track and look pretty confident into the future! Shipping of the first batch is still planned for December 2017. We hope you are all looking forward to receiving your #Orb, because we are totally doing this! :)


As usual, feel free to leave us a comment or send in your questions at Greetings from the Shade team!