A Year in Review

Last year in June, our founders, Bo and Mathias, got serious and started to work full-time on the organisation they had built up from scratch: Shade.

They began to gather a team of experienced developers and young professionals as well as the financial basis in order to follow their vision of better light – better living.

We want to look back at what has happened ever since and take you on this little journey with us:

Back in the summer of 2016, with our working prototype of the Orb, we could deep-dive into customer validation and start testing them with our test users. Their feedback supported our understanding of customer needs and shaped the Orb as we know it today.

shade orb drawings prototype

We slowly started to spread the word about Shade by participating in various events like the Tech BBQ or the annual Slush conference. We also made sure to get the patents for our cooling system inside the Orb in place. Check!

team shade orb

Over time, we gathered more and more awesome and passionate people for the Shade team which came to look like this by 2017 -->

As part of the Danish Tech Challenge, we were nominated as finalists for the prestigious award. Even though we did not win the first prize, we were still honoured to have come so far and surely learned a lot during our time in the programme. The award ceremony took place in January 2017:

dtc shade orb

In February, we finally kicked off our long-awaited crowdfunding campaign and could not have been more excited!

Within less than 20 hours, we had already reached our initial goal of $ 50,000. Oh, the excitement! People actually love our product :-)

We have been overwhelmed by the positive response we received on our campaign - not only from customers but also from the press: The Verge coined the "cult of the Orb" and n3rdabl3 gave the Orb the label of "Philips Hue on Steroids".

Due to the big success of the crowdfunding, we had extended the funding phase for another 30 days until it ended by mid-April.

Today, our products are still available for purchase via In-Demand.

We are currently busy with finalising supplier negotiations while also focusing on the development process and production. Together with our friends from Shape Robotics, we have moved into a new office and enjoy the constant feedback and dialogue with other professionals. (You can find out more about our internal news in our upcoming blog post and newsletter.)

And here we are today: we can’t believe how fast time flies! The next months will be filled with more hard work and extensive caffeine consumption so we will be ready for shipping by the end of the year. :-)

Thank you for being a part of our journey, we have enjoyed every minute of it. Stay tuned for more!