Q&A with Shade

As our crowdfunding campaign has been running for almost two months now, we have seen a lot of great feedback coming in, the biggest compliment probably being that we reached more than 750% of our goal with almost $380,000 raised by over 1,000 backers and we could not be more grateful!

We always try to be as transparent as possible and provide you with as many insights as we can. We recently did a survey with our backers to find out about their motivations, needs and unanswered questions they might have. As it turns out, they do have some questions and we want to shed some light on these. Browse through the Q&As here: 


What right now concerns me is the plug and play. How long will the cord be? Can the cord be changed at some point?

unboxing orb shade

Installing the Orb is really easy and does not require a technician or any other assistance as it works right out of the box. The cord is 2,5 meters long and is therefore suitable for both lower and higher ceilings.

If you wish to buy an additional cord down the line, you can of course purchase it by contacting us directly at info@shade.one.

Are there different colours for the cords?

Right now, we are offering a white cord that comes with the Orb to attach it to your ceiling. We are planning to have other colour options further down the road. For updates on our development process you can always sign up for our newsletter or check our Facebook page.

Will there be a converter? Can it be put into a normal Danish light outlet?

The Orb works in a standard Danish power outlet as it does in most parts of the world. We use a switch mode that goes from 100-240VAC / 50-60Hz. This covers most of the world, including the EU, US, Canada, UK and Australia.

What do I do if I need support setting it up?

The Orb comes with a video guide. If you need more help our website will be updated with support assets and you can of course always get in touch with us at support@shade.one.


Is the 1900 lumen with everything on or can that be achieved with only ~5500K?

directional lighting shade orb

Yes, the 1.900 lumen are achieved with a mix of the zones turned on. Each single zone will come to an output of around 1.200, so using all of them will be quite strong. Our best estimates put the Orb at a total (using all the zones) of 1.900 Lumen because of temperature. Regarding the white range, we can do from 2.700-5.600 Kelvin. This is a very powerful output and should be more than enough for regular households as well as office environments.


I am a bit concerned about the Orb's durability. What if it has to be repaired?

Our products are built to last as we want to provide you with the highest quality and avoid to harm the environment. The Orb lasts for up to 50,000 hours which results in a product lifecycle of up to 30 years by normal usage.

The Orb is designed as a modular system, so it is easy to send in the defective parts, and have replacement shipped. If your Orb does get broken for any reason, you can of course send it in and we will do our best to repair it. The last option would be to replace the product by a new one.


I still wonder how the Orb can work with a two-switch installation. When you turn it off with the switch, then on, does it light the same way as before?


Basically, you are only going to need the Eclipse switch for changing your lights or turning it on and off. By holding the button of the Eclipse and rotating it, you can control the dim. A simple touch on the front of the Eclipse turns the Orbs on or off. Once you turn it back on, it will give you the same light you had before turning it off.


Slaatto S1 Shade Orb

I had a discussion with my spouse: I say: the Slatto1 is automatically moving with the light direction. My spouse says: you have to adjust the Slatto1 by hand. Could you bring some light on this matter?

As you know, we always like to bring light on any matters :-) “Unfortunately”, we have to tell you, that your spouse actually is right on this one. Adjusting the S1 lampshade has to be done manually and cannot be controlled through the control switches. We hope your discussion will be settled peacefully. :-)


As many people have questions and concerns about the integration into leading smart home solutions, we have just recently created a blog piece about this. Learn more here.


There is another issue we want to address as we get many questions about it. Many people think the Orb should communicate in an open network and not via Bluetooth technology as it does now.

Our protocol is based on Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) and is not related to Z-Wave or X10. The latter is primarily a previous generation protocol not used much outside the US. Z-Wave is also not planned, as this can only be via a gateway.

app control shade orb
Using BTLE mesh allows us to make a stand-alone product, which will work straight out of the box, regardless if you have Wi-Fi or not, regardless if your Wi-Fi is down or not, regardless if your ISP is down or not and regardless if you know how to configure all of this or not. In our opinion, light should work all the time which we can see happening very well by using our own internal protocols.

However, we are also planning to look into a gateway product down the line which can add even more functionality to our products.

Do you have a party mode? This could be good stuff (with a sensor that works by clapping hands or playing music).

We definitely agree on this one :-) However, at this point, we do not have a specific party feature included. As we are continuously working to further develop our products, you can look out for additional features in our products down the line.

So let's just pack up the Orbs and send them to me, right?

The development process includes many different aspects and of course takes time as we prioritise our customers' needs as well as the high quality of our products.

"What we spend a lot of time on is the hardware, because that's where the light actually comes from."

Listen to our founders, Bo & Mathias,  talking about where we are right now at Shade:

We hope this post helps you in understanding our products and company better. If you feel as if your feedback has not been reflected in this yet or if you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us at info@shade.one and we will be happy to get back to you.