Living with the Orb

What is it like to live with the Orb? 

We want to create the best possible user experience to make the usage of the Orb as convenient as possible for you. For months now, we have been working closely together with families as our test users.

These families have been trying out our products in their own homes, in their everyday life, and continuously provide us with feedback on their user experiences.
shade orb testimonial

These insights are very valuable to us and directly impact the development process as we believe in the importance of human-centered design. Therefore, we wanted to share some insights on what it is actually like to live with the Orb.

Here are a few things we learned from our test users:

The need for more dynamic light is real

80% of our test users are not completely satisfied with their old lamps due to the insufficient light they provide. Most of them state that due to the wrong or poor lighting conditions, they don’t use their living rooms for all the activities they would like, for example working on the computer.

Where they use it

living room shade orb

The large majority is using our lamps in their living rooms. Many of them like to use a double pendant above the dinner table, leaving enough room for eye-contact and letting pleasant conversations flow.

How they use it

70% of the families have created their own moods for dinner parties or casual dinners with friends. By creating a mood with dim and yellow light, they create a cosy atmosphere that is just right for these weekend get-togethers. Many times, they call this mood the “Red wine light”. :-)

What they value

shade orb app eclipse switch

Our test users highly value that the Orb is able to create light that comes as close to natural light as it gets, creating unique moods for every situation.

They find the usage of the app to control the light quite simple and intuitive. Above that, they also enjoy the fact, that they can use a “traditional” light switch additionally to controlling the light through their smartphones, leaving them with flexible options to choose from.


Meet Sofie and Mikael

Maybe you remember Sofie and Mikael who starred in our crowdfunding campaign video. We also equipped their homes with a few Orbs and an S1 to see how they experience living with the Orb.

See for yourself what they say about their everyday life with dynamic lighting:

We hope you found these insights helpful and as always, please feel free to get in touch with us about any questions or concerns you might have at Thank you for following us on our journey to “Better Light. Better Living.”!