Backer Insights

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From the start we've decided that we want to run our business in an engaging and including manner. We want to understand the needs of our customers, and cater to them as we see it as our responsibility to deliver the best possible quality to those who follow us. Therefore, we decided to do a little survey with Typeform targeted towards our backers on Indiegogo i.e. people who have already decided to buy our products.

What we got back was an amazing amount of responses (320+) and a lot of constructive feedback and insights. This is very valuable to us as we can implement feedback in the development process and learn along the way. However, we also wanted to share our insights with you on our journey through our customers’ minds. There will also be a Q&A part coming up in our next blog post with the questions we received through the survey.

Who are they?

The big majority of our backers are male (85%) and most of the respondents are about 46 – 55 years old. The peculiar thing is that compared to those who came close to purchase, but didn't quite reach for their credit cards, we see a lot of females dropping of. On Facebook our female following is numerous and engaged, but when it comes to actually backing us - the males are the one who follow through. This may of course be skewed by the classic Indiegogo demographics.

How did they learn about the Orb?

When asking how our backers had heard about the Orb, we left out one vital option: Through Indiegogo. At first we couldn't understand the large amount of "other" responses, but we quickly learned we left out this obvious source. Approximately 25% came through this source, which shows the strength of the Indiegogo community. Facebook provided us with almost half our backers, so a big shout-out to our Facebook community. If you're not already following us, please go have a look at what we're doing there.

Why do they back us?

Since we are a start-up that connects the topics; tech, design, lighting and entrepreneurship, we were very keen to see why people actually decided to buy our products. 

As it turns out, the light functions have been the most important aspect of our products, followed by the design as well and the smart features. Fewer people purchased it because of the good cause of supporting a start-up or the discounts.

We were also happy to see that people can see actual benefits for their lives. For example this woman let us know, that she values our plug & play feature and the fact, that she can use our products worldwide:

"For me the biggest deciding factors were: 1. ease of installation (time-constrained single female) and 2. works in both US and EU (as I'll be moving to the EU in the coming years)."

Another great - less technical - reason to buy our products is this one:

"I will be the only one who will have it when I get it so I'll have bragging rights :)"

We can support this, however, we must underline that you cannot claim any damages from us that might occur from exercising your rights :-)


How WILL they use it?

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Now that we know their reasoning for their purchasing-decision, we want to shed some light on the way they will use our products. “Where do you plan on using the Orb?” brought interesting results, too.

Your favourite spots to place our lamps seem to be the living room, dining room, kitchen as well as the bedroom.

More unusual answers were probably the tractor sleeper, the glass house (orangery) or the library (you have your own library?! Awesome!).

Comments & Concerns

Of course, many of you also have concerns and questions as uncertainty is always a by-product of crowdfunding campaigns and us being in the development phase.

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The main concerns raised included the future integration into other smart home systems. As you know, we are working hard to deliver you the best products and we have recently posted a blog post about this topic where you can learn more.

Another question raised was about the ceiling mount and how it will look like. There are many things to consider in the development process and the ceiling mount is of course one of them. As soon as we have updates about this, you will be the first ones to know!

Some less frequent suggestions were the implementation of a party mode feature or even a “La-Ola”-switch. We love your creativity :-)

And the most important concern raised, that probably many – IF NOT ALL OF YOU – have is:

“I hate waiting :-)"

Despite uncertainty, we also received a lot of great feedback and want to thank you all for both, critical and positive thoughts on our project!

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Many of our respondents have also sent in some important questions about the development process and our products which we don’t want to leave unanswered! Please stay tuned for the Q&As coming up in our next blog post!

And last but not least, one of our respondents gave us this advice:

“Keep up the good spirit :-)”

We will. :-)


If you feel like your feedback is not reflected in this yet or if you just want to say hi, please feel free to drop us a message at