Campaign Extension

Today, the first 30 days of our campaign came to its conclusion. We're thrilled with the result. With a total of over 900 backers and more than 340.000 USD raised, we have already achieved more than we had hoped for.

A finalized version of the Orb is now on its way to becoming a reality!

Thanks to all of you who supported us for making this come true, and thanks to our investors and business partners for believing in us. We cannot emphasize enough on how grateful we are.

A revitalized team

The reasoning behind doing a campaign on Indiegogo goes further than fundraising. The funds raised will give us a significant boost in accelerating the product, but perhaps just as important; it establishes our sense of purpose.

Validating our value proposition was extremely important to us. We needed to be assured that we could get others excited about the Orb, and that all this wasn't just in our heads. Opinions matter - but seeing backers funding us is validation on a whole new level.

Furthermore, through our campaign we have gained valuable insights into what we should focus on in terms of prioritizing development, building our communications platforms, finding our target audiences, and running a 100% digital launch campaign.

All these insights will be implemented in our planning and execution in the months to come.

From Prototype to Reality

We have already accelerated development efforts, but we need to pick up pace on an even higher level: We have a strong team of developers but in order to meet our deadlines we will be adding new members with various skill sets. Our plan is to be quite open in our progress, and to continuously encourage our backers to bring their opinions and thoughts to the table.

To further accelerate our efforts, we will be extending our crowdfunding campaign with an additional 30 days. Since the development teams works independently of the campaigning team, this decision will only have a positive effect on the end result. More funding means even faster and better development efforts, so it really is a win-win situation for all of those involved.

Extending the Campaign

At the end of the first 30-days, we feel there are aspects of our vision we have not been able to touch upon. For the initial phase we've been focused on just getting the word out there, and making sure to expose our campaign video to as many people as possible.

Our plan for the final phase of the campaign is to go back to the way we communicated before we started on Indiegogo. Focusing more on our vision, the complex details that make up our platform, the design of the Orb, and why we believe better light equals better living.

We hope you will support us in this final push. Please share, comment, and engage with us.

The first part of our trip has gone beyond our wildest expectations - but there's still some way to go.

Hope you will all keep us company along the way.