Orb Smart Home Integration

The Orb and other Smart Home Platforms

Since we started our Indiegogo campaign in the middle of February, we have received multiple questions regarding all kinds of aspects of our products. Even though all of them were important, what was standing out the most, was the request for information on the connectivity of SHADE products with Smart Home Solution XYZ. 

Due to the importance of this topic, we decided to write a blog post about our approach and vision for the next couple of months.

First of all, our current system is set up in a way that the Orb works as a standalone product with our own platform (Bluetooth Mesh Network) from the get go. This means that the included wall switch will be working with the Orb out of the box and ensures that you’ll be up and running in no time. Additionally, the connection with our smartphone app will be a streamlined experience and can work just through bluetooth without a working wifi setup.


"Our primary focus lies on ensuring stability from the start"


At the moment, we are working on integrations with leading Smart Home Solution providers, and are closely monitoring the market for developments. Due to the fact that we want to ensure the best integrated user experience on the platform, we are evaluating what solutions in the field would make sense for us.

The current planning involves the creation of our own gateway-hub that enables us to open our system for the integration with other platforms. Since the focus lies on control for the user, we don't plan for an open platform that everyone can integrate to, but rather for a close collaboration with big players such as Amazon, Google and Apple in order to have a selected few integrators as opposed to having too many. Some of the integrations also require special hardware, which we are starting to work on.


The development of the interface and hardware parts is one of our main focus points for the next months and we are estimating a fully working solution in the spring of 2018.

The question regarding this matter in our opinion is not the speed of development, but the quality of the service. We don't believe in sacrificing our approach for faster progress and think that our given timeframe until 2018 provides enough room for a confident creation of full smart home integration


When looking at other companies or campaigns on Crowdfunding pages, we tend to see promises that we don't want to communicate. It would be false to announce fully working platform integrations or collaborations with other crowdfunding products that are not more than concepts or prototypes at this stage. There are countless examples of projects out there that claim specifically to have fixed the integration problems, when in the real world not even the big players have really fixed that. We believe in honesty and transparent communication with our audience and don't want to over-promise on our developments. 


All of you backers and other people who are interested in SHADE are expecting honesty and integrity. It is our highest privilege to deliver on that.