Crowdfunding the Orb

Bringing Better Light to Your Home

We are launching our crowdfunding campaign after weeks and weeks of preparing so you can be a part of the light revolution, too! Read about why we decided to embark on the crowdfunding journey, what that actually means and what is in for you.

What crowdfunding is and how it works

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Crowdfunding is an alternative financing model to fund new products. This is made possible through the power of the crowd i.e. through every single contribution that each of you make. You can easily help us without spending any money: Liking and sharing what we’re doing helps us spread our message, but if you think our product is cool, and you believe in the team – supporting us on Indiegogo really makes a difference.

The sum of it will enable us to go further in our development process, refine our prototypes and get them ready for you.

Of course, there is always some uncertainty in crowdfunding projects as unpredictable things could happen along the way; delivery might be delayed, features can change – or worst case; the product never makes it to market. However, as we already have working prototypes, have a clear strategy for our development process and try to be as transparent as possible, we are minimizing risks that might occur.


Why we do crowdfunding

As we believe in the power of the community, we decided to ask for your support in developing our products. By buying different perks from us on the Indiegogo platform, we can pre-sell our products to you and therefore generate the funding we need for the development process. We need this final push from you as the funding goes into the further software and hardware development. By supporting us, you enable us to eventually get better lighting into your homes.


SHADE - Meet the company

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SHADE is a young tech and design startup based in Copenhagen, Denmark. Established in 2015 by two motivated engineers with the vision of revolutionizing artificial lighting, we grew to a team of over 10 people, dedicated to create better light and better living for you.

Learn more about our early beginnings and the team behind SHADE.


The Slaatto S1 Silhouette surrounding the Orb

The Slaatto S1 Silhouette surrounding the Orb

The Orb – Next Generation Smart Lamp

In order to improve lighting in your home, we have created the next generation smart lamp for you: The Orb. This innovative light bulb enables you to create different moods and atmospheres unlike any other lamp through the usage of different light zones.

We also teamed up with the Danish top designer Øivind Alexander Slaatto who created the Slaatto S1 petals. They surround the Orb and accentuate its features and functions.

You can read more about our products here or stroll through our blog posts.

Designer Øivind Slaatto sharing his take on the design process and his vision

How you can support SHADE

During the campaign, we can grant substantial discounts on our products reaching up to 70% if you’re fast. There are various perks that you can choose from or you can simply donate a certain amount. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up on the Indiegogo website if you haven’t done so already
  2. Check out our campaign site and read about the different perks we offer
  3. Choose the right perk for you or simply donate the amount you wish to contribute
  4. Make some noise! Tell your friends and family about our product and our campaign. Spreading the word helps us a great deal in order to reach our funding goal.

You can stay in touch with us and read about the latest news and developments on our social media channels: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.

By supporting us, you are bringing us much closer to our vision of revolutionizing the way we light our homes. We appreciate you being part of our movement and want to thank you for supporting SHADE!

Watch the teaser for our crowdfunding video. The full version will go live with the launch of the campaign on Wednesday, February 15th, 3pm CET.