Tech BBQ

Just put one of our light sources in these color-crystal lamp shades. You just get all effects to the max!

Just put one of our light sources in these color-crystal lamp shades. You just get all effects to the max!

Last Tuesday, September 20th, the SHADE team made it to the Tech BBQ 2016 at the Copenhagen Opera House. Showcasing our Orb throughout the whole day at our own booth was a great and insightful experience and we left the event with some interesting feedback. We wanted to see what people think about our product and how they perceive its different functions and abilities. Joining the Tech BBQ 2016 and presenting the device for the first time at a public event enabled us to get important reactions from people that had never seen an Orb before. 

"This looks like its coming                           from the future"


It was 7.30am and Copenhagen greeted us with some sunlight showing its most beautiful face when we arrived at the Opera House to set up our booth. Being one of the first teams there, we started unpacking and figured out how to display the Orbs in an optimal way. Encountering the usual difficulties like finding outlets, connecting to WIFI or just simply getting the products up and running, we finished the build-up right in time for the first visitors to arrive at the event. The setup consisted of 2 Orbs that displayed different moods, rendered video material to outline the effects in somebody's home, brochures describing the product, an e-mail sign-up sheet, and of course business cards. Knowing this would be a long day with a lot of conversations and discussions we stocked up on coffee and started talking. Since the Tech BBQ attracts a broad variety of different visitors, it was a great way of getting different opinions about the Orb and its functions as well as the other questions we are attempting to answer and provide a solution for:

  • What is intelligent lighting?
  • What do people want and need in regards to light?
  • How can you add value to people's lives that hasn't been there before?

Feature Testing

Besides trying to find out what would really change the usage of light in people's homes, we also focussed on the general feature testing at the Tech BBQ. We want to figure out what should be essential features for end-users, what gets people excited, and what has no real value. In order to really create an impactful device with the abilities to influence people's way of living, the distinction between these types of features is a crucial part of the product development in our opinion. We want a direct interface with people to get multiple ideas, opinions, or views, in order to have the best outcome and create a product that everybody loves.

After countless dialogues, and doing our sales pitch in 50 different ways, we packed up our stuff around 5pm, grabbed and beer and headed home. Taking all the new information with us, we went back to our office the next morning and started incorporating ideas as well as editing, and adapting our device for improvement. 

Bo and Julian representing SHADE at the Tech BBQ 2016

Bo and Julian representing SHADE at the Tech BBQ 2016

While the team is working on these technical aspects, we are starting to present the "design" angle in the weeks to come. We have some really great stuff lined up, and we can't wait to see what people think about what we've been working on.

Stay tuned and have a good week!